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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sofia the First Singing Doll-Get it while you can!

I blogged previously about my struggle to purchase the Sofia the First Amulet that was found on the website- I waited one extra day for a promotion, and wouldn't you know it, they sold out... and were never restocked, and sold on Amazon and Ebay for 3 times the original price.
Well, Disneystore is back with another Sofia product, and if your daughter is like mine, they looooove the newest Disney princess.
I just bought mine, and I'd suggest you go ahead and purchase yours. This looks like something that maybe a retail store could carry, but with how hot Sofia merchandise has become (and my previous experience) I'd suggest going ahead and purchasing this new product.
It's a Sofia the First Singing Doll, and sells for $29.50. I know I can't wait to give this to my daughter!
For all of you entrepreneurs, there is a limit of 2 (in case you are thinking of stocking piling and hedging these on selling out too). Here's a link to buy yours!


  1. Our local Disney Store has the Sophia princess dress too - it isn't even mentioned online. Super cute, but sadly $40 right now.

  2. Yea....I'm trying to find the do too...