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Friday, March 1, 2013

Disney Problems- It happens to everyone!

A trip to Disneyland and Walt Disney World can be a lot of work. Choosing transportation, resorts, restaurants, character visits, when you are visiting which park.... it's the reason why I have a job that I love, planning Disney vacations.

But after that's all settled, you are ready to go on your trip. You'll be full of excitement with everything you have planned. You can't wait to see the looks on your children's faces. 

Things are going great! The weather is perfect-you left the snow at home- and you got seated right away at your restaurant. You already got a FastPass, and are going to hop on one of your favorite rides. And look, there's Mickey signing autographs-with no wait! Is this the perfect trip or what?!

And then it happens. Maybe someone forgot their cell phone, dropped a FastPass, or really wanted that $30 toy. It could be anything. But suddenly your trip has taken a turn for the worse. Everything is magnified- I DONT WANT TO WAIT IN THIS LINE! WHY CANT YOU THREE JUST GET ALONG! WHY IS THIS PERSON WALKING SO SLOW IN FRONT OF ME!! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS BUS! 

And really- nothing is different. Now you are annoyed, and it seems like a rain cloud is over you.

Here's my story from my last trip.

First, we were staying at Bay Lake Towers. We must have just missed the bus to Hollywood Studios (we were eating with Jake and Oso...we were so excited!), so we waited about 15 minutes for the next one. About five minutes into the bus ride, my husband looks at me. He then proceeds to tell me he had left our FastPasses back in the hotel room. (We had some golden ones for this trip)This is kind of a big deal- now he has to take the bus back, there are other stops, he has to run to the room, and then wait for another bus. 

So, we just stayed on the bus and watched everyone jump off the bus in excitement. Our Toy Story Mania FastPasses were back in our room- and if we had gotten off then, our return time for a new FastPass wouldn't be until 8 pm that night. We also had to stop at Typhoon Lagoon on our return trip. As soon we got back, my husband ran up to the room, while we stayed in the gift shop. About 45 minutes later, we ended back in Hollywood Studios, FastPass in tow. No biggie- hey, we are in Walt Disney World, right?

Well, when it rains, it pours. We planned on eating at Beaches and Cream- we couldn't wait to eat the "Kitchen Sink!"

We got off at the Beach Club resort. First stop was changing my son's diaper. Next, we had to find the restaurant- I had actually never been there before. I've stayed in nearly every resort on WDW property, and we had visited the Yacht and Beach Club before to dine at Yachtsman Steakhouse. 

Beaches and Cream was pretty easy to find, it was just a bit of a jog. With a son who wanted out of his stroller, and a daughter who was ready to eat. My own stomach was growling. Finally, we make it to Beaches and Cream... and see a line out the door. I checked with a worker, and they told me the wait to be seated would be about 90 minutes. Not what I wanted to hear... and my stomach was starting to growl like a dog. 

Note: Beaches and Cream does not take reservations, otherwise, I would have made them. Just like I make dining reservations for all of my clients :) !

Ok, no problem. There's another sit down restaurant in Beach Club. It is Captain's Grille. We'll just eat there. 

Only to find out.. once we make the trek back... to Captain's Grille only to find out it was CLOSED! So, there goes that idea. We went into the gift shop and got a few snacks-water, juice, and some candy for our children. We then head back to the bus stands.

After plenty of arguing of where to go-and eat-we decide on just going to Animal Kingdom. We had been before, and could knock out the rest of the park with the half day that remained.

So we waited...and waited...what seemed like forever for another bus (like I said-everything is magnified when things are going wrong). 

We finally make it to Animal Kingdom, and then decide on eating at Pizzafari. Our kids like pizza, and we know we won't have to wait. Nothing special-it's pizza- but it certainly gets the job done. Because we use our dining plan credits, we also get a salad and some chocolate mousse. Not the best value for our dining credits- but it was convenient, and was food. I would have settled for Hamburger Helper at that point.

We finally get done eating... and then realize we are blocked in because of the parade route that is currently taking place in Animal Kingdom. Nothing we can do but just sit back and watch.. so that's exactly what we did. Again- what else can go wrong?
I was looking forward to our day at Animal Kingdom- I really wanted to try a jalapeño cheese stuffed pretzel at one of the food carts. It looked wonderful, and I was salivating over pictures before our trip. You can only buy these at Animal Kingdom. I couldn't wait!
We found the stand that sells the pretzels. Only one person in line in front of me. They ordered a jalapeño cheese pretzel too- it's a popular item! So imagine my face when I ordered one... and the cast member says "Sorry, I just sold the last one to the person in front of you!"
So let' see- we wasted over an hour because we forgot our FastPasses, wasted time at Beach Club (and couldn't eat), got stuck at Pizzafari, and then I missed the jalapeño cheese pretzel by one STINKING PERSON!
And then, we went on some rides, did some shopping, and had a whole lot of fun. We got over it. Oh well, we are in Walt Disney World- what are you doing to do? 
Everyone has their own story. Maybe it won't happen to you. But just know-sometimes things will happen that are out of your control. You can prepare, prepare, prepare- and still, a hiccup will happen. It's just life- but it always spirals out of control when you are on what is supposed to be the Happiest Place on Earth! Just collect yourself, develop a plan, and get back to it! Apologize for all the bad things you and your party members said to each other, ask for help (or text your favorite Disney travel agent :) ) and put a smile on your face. 
Disney problems- first timers, veterans, and even Disney travel agents can experience them. Just remember- you're in Disney, and there's always something magical awaiting you!

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