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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pixar restaurant coming to Walt Disney World!

Disney just announced they will be opening a Pixar-themed restaurant in Hollywood Studios. While the menu and theme hasn't been released, park officials did say that you'll be able to take pictures and get autographs from all of your Pixar movie favorites- Buzz, Woody, Jesse, the Up characters, the Incredibles, Flick, Mike and Sulley, and Merida. They'll be rotating around breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
And...... back to reality. This is purely just something I wish Disney would bring to WDW. Really, I dream of a Pixar Land... but a restaurant will surely do.
Seriously- is Pizza Planet from Toy Story not the perfect restaurant to pull something like this off? They have a quick service "Pizza Planet Arcade," but it could be better. I'm imagining something straight off the movie. Pizza, and some of the most popular recent characters- I can't think of a better combination that would attract kids. 
This is another "Hey, Disney. Why in the world don't you do this?!" post. 
Disney already has Chef Remy appearing at Les Chefs de France. It's very cool- here's a brief clip. This is also a restaurant I could book for you on your trip to Walt Disney World.

Seriously, there is a world of possibilities. Irish food from Brave, Pizza Planet from Toy Story, a Nemo restaurant- Fish are friends, not food!

Disney does so many great things, and I always wonder what I would do different. Well, make me Disney CEO for a day, and this would be at the top of my list.

The lines for pictures and autographs for these Pixar characters are always quick to form in the parks. It'd be worth a visit to a restaurant alone to save the time you spending waiting to meet them.

Would this be a must visit for your family? I know my little Mouseketeers would love it!

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  1. Definitely a must for my gang! My almost 10 year old even said he wished Pizza Planet had be more like the one in the movie and that he wished he could have eaten with Buzz & Woody! (Thankfully the met Woody as Disneyland and Buzz in Tomorrowland this trip!) I could totally see us doing a pre-opening breakfast there and then hopping in line for Jedi Training Academy!!