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Monday, April 22, 2013

You can fly- make your own Pixie Dust!

Walk into my house, and if the television is on, there's a 75 percent chance you'll find Disney Junior on.  With a three year old and one year old, it's allowed me to get quite a bit of work done some nights, so I'm not complaining (at least right now).

You'll often find movies on-Lilo and Stitch, Pocahontas, and Peter Pan.

As a result of this, Peter Pan has been a conversation point- and of course we get plenty of Jake and the Neverland Pirates too.

I've seen everyone's favorite recipes and crafts popping up all over Pinterest  Facebook, and something that caught my eye was how to make your own "Pixie Dust Jar."

I asked my daughter, Klarabelle, if she wanted to make one... and of course I got an immediate yes, following by right now- so here's a tip, only ask if you have the supplies on hand! 

Not only is it Disney-esque, it took only a few supplies, and seemed rather easy. Hey, I can't screw this one up, right?!

So, we took a glass jar, a couple glowsticks, and some glitter. I wanted to try and put a Tinker belle sticker inside, but all I could find was a Disney Princess sticker.

This was really easy for Klarabelle. I love to do easy crafts for two reasons- so I can't mess them up, and my kids can help.

 The only tricky part is cutting open the glow stick. When I started to shake it, I wasn't exactly in the jar, and I ended up with a glow in the dark kitchen counter for awhile. 

We cut open a glow stick, poured some glitter in....

And then we shook it all together!

And, my daughter being the movie buff she is, she knew that Peter Pan first appeared to Wendy when she was in bed. This is a REALLY great craft if you want to get your kids to bed- it was 3pm, and she was ready for bed. This is my daughter, who doesn't know the definition of a nap. Off to bed for a nap we went!

This also makes a great nightlight!

Unfortunately, this didn't end well for me. Klarabelle woke up, and was not very happy that she didn't wake up with the ability to fly. She no longer wants to make pretend pixie dust- only real pixie dust. So.... while I'm looking for directions on how to make Pixie Dust that makes you fly, try this one out!

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