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Saturday, October 26, 2013

So how did the autograph pillowcases turn out?

Before we left for Disney in September, I posed on my facebook page about how we were going to try to do something different than the autograph character matte that we did last time. We decided to try to have the characters sign a white pillowcase with fabric markers. My idea was that we would have the characters sign them and then they would use the pillowcases on their pillows and be reminded of their trip at night. 

Well....easier said than done. I knew that I would need something hard for the characters to write on so I brought a large, hardback book. So how did it go?

Not well! Even with the book it was hard for the characters to write on. We did start to get a good collection of autographs going but guess what? It rained! In order to get the makers to set, you are supposed to either iron them or put them in the dryer and obviously we were out in the park when it rained and there wasn't really anywhere to put them to keep them from getting wet so it got wet! And all of the autographs disappeared! NO FUN! I know that there are better ways to make this actually work but we didn't find the way! So we will stick with character mattes or some other creative way for autographs! 


  1. Love that you shared the not so well! Sometimes I think we make it harder than it has to be. Good luck to finding the answer!

  2. I made pillowcases for our last trip and used sharpie fabric markers. I cut 2 squares of foam board and folded the pillowcase around one. Then everything went in a wet bag used for cloth diapers. The only thing I would change is bringing binder clips and clipping the the pillowcase to the foam board. I would just pick a spot for the character to sign and fold the pillowcase with that on top. I got several comments about the markers I brought the princesses said they were super easy to write with and so did the helpers for those that couldnt talk. They turned out perfect. I'm so sorry your didn't hopefully you have some great memories though.

  3. we used your idea of the picture matte and i also used a tshirt i had made for the trip. both worked out great. for the shirt, the cast member or photographer that was assisting the character would pull it tight and help them sign. i used a thin fabric marker i purchased from michaels craft store. none of the characters seemed to have a problem using the marker either. many people commented on what a good idea both items were. i cant wait to print out the kids picture and hang up the matte! thanks for the great idea :)