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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make your own Frozen snow globe

Disney's Frozen has taken over my house. My daughter is prone to let out her own rendition of "Let it Go" anytime- the grocery store, at a friends house, or helping me cook at home. Yet at other times I imagine she's happily singly "let it go" when her and her brother are playing with their toys, but for some reason it doesn't sound so sweet. Her brother has found a fun hobby walking around the house pretending to be "Marshmallow." I'm telling you, we are Frozen-ites.

Around Christmas time, I purchased some Frozen items off I noticed they added items frequently, and saw that some items went out of stock in a short manner of time. And then more went out of stock. And more. And even more. If you were to visit the Frozen section on Disney store right now, its a fraction of what they had a month ago. I spent over a month waiting on Amazon to get Frozen twin bed sheets in stock. In other words, you have as good of a chance of finding Frozen merchandise as Leonardo DiCaprio has of winning an Oscar (don't hate me, I'm a fan!).

So I decided to start making some Frozen items of my own. I'm not the most crafty person, but I can cut and glue. And if you can too, then you're in luck.

Without further ado, here's how you can make your own "Frozen" snow globe, featuring Elsa (or Anna, if you fancy her). 

Here's what you'll need:

Jar (I used a salsa jar)
Frozen Figurine (we have about 6 different Elsas)
Hot Glue Gun
Computer & Printer
One (or two) excited children

First, I peeled the salsa wrapper off the jar. I had to use a razor blade to get it all off, and then I rinsed the jar off.

Next, you'll see that I like my salsa medium, and the Elsa figurine that I glued to the jar. Also, Woats Cookies 'n' Dreams is my new favorite snack. I swear this isn't product placement, but I'd happily accept a couple of complimentary bags.

If you're not sure what a hot glue gun is, then here you go. I always pack heat (in the form of hot glue!).

Here's our glitter. Blue because it's predominately Elsa's color, and silver because it'd look like snow. Also, it was the only two colors I found in my closet.  

Fill the jar all the way up with water. Let your child pour as much glitter as they'd like in the jar-

 And then let your Frozen character take a little swim in a melted snowball!

 Now, I'm all about my Tostitos salsa, but their lid didn't really look well with my Frozen Snowglobe. So I went on the computer, searched for "Frozen" on Google, and let my daughter pick out her favorite Frozen photo. I measured the diameter of my lid- ok, who am I kidding.... I just took the lid and traced it on the photo after I printed it off. I cut it out and glued it to the bottom of my lid.

There we go. Much better!

Almost done. I then visited my gift bag station, and was able to find a nice light blue ribbon. I wrapped it around the lid, and cut off just enough to have a little bit of overlap, and then glued it together again. And boom, look at the smile!

Alas, our journey is not over. I took one extra step. I wanted a picture to put in the background. So, I found a picture of Elsa on my friend Google, and printed it off as well.

I cut if off, and glued it to the back of the jar.

And there you have it. Your very own Frozen Elsa Snowglobe, all with household goods.

Give it a little shake, and Elsa brings on the snow!

My daughter was thrilled with the result. And now, if I can only find some way to make it play the Oscar winning song "Let it Go," I'd be Queen of Arendelle!

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  1. take the sound box out of the shirt they have for let it go and place it under the picture on the lid. or you can buy mini recordings things and do the same thing :)