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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where to use your Fastpass+ options at Epcot

I got some great feedback on my post about what to use your Fastpass+ options on at the the Magic Kingdom so I decided to write one for all of the parks! So here is the Epcot version!

Epcot is a lot different because it is not an open reservation system like the Magic Kingdom. It has tiers, probably because there was only 2 rides at Epcot that you really needed a Fastpass for with the old Fastpass reservation system. So that means that if they didn't do the tiers, everyone would do those 2 rides and there wouldn't be any left!

So what does the tier mean? There are 13 Fastpass+ rides/attractions at Epcot and 2 tiers. They put the best rides in Tier 1. You can only choose ONE ride from Tier 1 and TWO rides from Tier 2 in any given day. 


Illuminations-There are plenty of amazing spots to watch Illuminations around World Showcase, a Fastpass+ is not necersary.

Soarin-It is really between this one and Test Track, I love both rides and Fastpasses are pretty crucial for both. I recommend getting to the park early and ride whichever one that you don't get the Fastpass+ for. 
Test Track-If this one appeals to you more than Soarin,' get the Fastpass+ for it instead. My favorite of the two? Soarin'
Living with the Land- Don't use your Fastpass+ here, the line is never long. 


Captain EO-Don't waste your Fastpass here either. 
Journey Into Imagination with Figment-The line is never long here-don't waste your Fastpass.
Living with the Land- Don't use your Fastpass+ here, the line is never long. 
Mission Space Orange/Green-This is a fun ride if your stomach can take it! I would use my Fastpass+ here if it is on your must-ride list. 
Spaceship Earth-This is a must ride but the line isn't usually long, depending on what your other priorities are, you might choose this one just to get your 3 chosen. 
The Seas with Nemo and Friends-The line for this is very rarely long but it gets longer than most of the others in this tier so I would choose it if you need a 3rd choice. 
Turtle Talk with Crush- I would choose this one if you are wanting to do this show. That way you don't have to sit and wait long in the waiting room for the show to be over, you can get there right when the show is about to start.
Epcot Character Spot- Don't waste your time using your Fastpass+ here, this is not usually crowded and the characters are common around Walt Disney World.
Maelstorm- This ride is worth riding but it is not worth using a Fastpass+ for. Just wait standby, it is usually not a long wait. 

Like I said in my Magic Kingdom blog, a lot of this depends on your family. If you have small children and Soarin' and Test Track aren't an option then maybe you choose Maelstorm or Illumiations. Just make sure you are booking based on the needs of your family!

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