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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where to use your Fastpass+ options at Animal Kingdom

In my third blog post about where to use your Fastpass+ options, things have changed! You can now get more than 3 Fastpasses in one day BUT you can still only get 3 in advance so I am here to tell you which ones to get in advance to guarantee that you will get one at a time that fits your schedule well.

There are 9 options for Fastpass+ experiences here and this is just my opinion on ones that are worth the pre-booking. There are no tier systems here. 

Dinosaur-I think this is an underrated ride. I LOVE IT! It truly scared me the first time that I rode it! I definitely recommend a Fastpass+ here because the wait times can get long!
Expedition Everest-If you have thrill seekers on your list, you definitely want to do this one! It does have long lines so it is a good choice for your Fastpass+ options. 
Festival of the Lion King-This gives you special seating for the show, it is not necessary to use a Fastpass here. 
Finding Nemo-The Musical-This is another one that gives you special seating, the seating is not what is really great about these Fastpasses. What I like is that you don't have to show up a half hour before the show and wait. So if you need a Fastpass to burn, use it at one of these. 
It's Tough to Be a Bug!-The wait time is not usually very long here so I wouldn't use a Fastpass here. That doesn't mean skip this attraction! I love it! 
Kali River Rapids- I don't know what it is about this ride (probably the slow loading time) but the lines are always long! If you are ready to get completely soaked, get your Fastpass here! 
Kilimanjaro Safaris-This is an awesome ride! You will see live animals. A good tip is to show up early because this is when the animals are most active but either way, Fastpass it! 
Character Meet and Greet-This is in the process of changing characters but either way, you don't need a Fastpass. 
Primeval Whirl-This is not my favorite ride but lines can be long so if you need a Fastpass choice, you may want to get it!

I said this in my other posts, this is all about what fits your family. If you have small children, Dinosaur, Everest and Primeval Whirl shouldn't be at the top of your list but with older kids it will be! 

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