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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reebok Maleficient Shoes

My "baby" girl is now four (almost 5) and she is developing a style of her own and is getting into choosing her own clothes. We also really like the new Maleficient movie so when I was asked to write a review about the new Reebok Disney Shoes, I knew I could not pass it up! Reebok, Disney and Maleficient? Of course it has to be a winner and after you check it out I think you will agree!

Honestly, in the heat of the summer, I just like to throw on some flip flops on my little ones and run out the door. But Klarabelle loves shoes and socks so those were perfect. She has wanted me to put them on her many times and I have happily obliged! I am glad she is embracing her Disney side. These will be great for Fall and Winter. How cute are these with the Maleficient head on the back? And of course I love that they are my favorite color-purple!

Back of the Reebok Maleficient shoe.
Close up of the Maleficient Reebok shoe.

The high top style was a little different than what she was used to. My husband even mentioned that they were something from Back to the Future. She has never worn high tops shoes like this before. I know that they are making a comeback. She didn't seem to mind wearing them and was running around and we did a lot of walking throughout the day at our local museum. 

These Reebok Disney Shoes are definitely a must have for any Maleficient fan! These shoes will be available in mid-August, right in time to rock them back to school! Great news! If you LOVE these shoes, you have a chance to get some for FREE! Reebok is having a contest where you can enter to win some! Enter to win here.

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