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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review of Pirate's League in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

On our last trip to Disney we experience the Pirate's League in Adventureland inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. This experience is right next to the Pirates of Caribbean ride.  It was a first for our family and we weren't really sure how it would go. We were really excited to have something for our son to do as we had already did Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I get a lot of questions about what their is to do for boys at Walt Disney World and I think that this is a great option. Another great thing about Pirate's League is it's price. It is about half the price of the boutique, starting at $29.95 for the first package.

 The first thing that your child gets to do is choose what pirate that they want to be and then they get to sign their "pirate" name in the pirate book. Our little guy chose the Jake and the Neverland Pirate package but there were several others including a skeleton, Jake Sparrow, a bearded pirate and a few others. There is even an option for girls with a mermaid that is very cute. It is great for girly girls as well as some girls who are a little less on the girly side. It is in a lot less of a "girly" setting than the boutique.

 The next step was entering the main room that was very well themed. They have barber shop like chairs that the children sit in. The cast members were AWESOME! They were really in character and very funny. We had a great time. My son was a little sick during our experience and he can get shy during experiences like this but our cast member did her best to break him out of his shell.

Yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet. 9/10 he will put them on the wrong feet. The cast member was sure to give him a hard time about that!

 This was the "big reveal" as you can see there aren't a lot of smiles and we had a hard time getting him to get us a great picture but that was in part to him not feeling well mixed with his apprehension about having so much attention. He really did have fun and they did a great job. He was more excited after we left and there weren't any strangers around. They call out a pirate saying and say their name. It is very cute.

 The Jake and the Neverland Pirates package came with the wig and bandana.

 They also get a pirate sash and a sword for this experience. We were also taken into a "secret room" where he got his picture taken. The picture is an extra cost.  This part took the longest but once we got in the room we realized it was the cast members were actually having some great interaction with the children.

Overall:We thoroughly enjoyed this experience. We will definitely take him back and hopefully he will be feeling better and maybe we can get a smile out of him! If you have a pirate fan, this is a must do. Another tip that I would give is that if your child does not like face paint or wouldn't like putting on "makeup" then they may not like this.  The Jake package has the least amount of makeup and is a great choice for a child who does not like as much makeup.

Reservations are recommended, there is a $10 fee if you do not show up or cancel within 24 hours. The entire process is about 30-45 minutes. I can definitely help you get this booked!

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